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Alexander Molano CEO Colombia The base of true professional growth is your job teaching you something new every day.      
Eva Lozano Chief Financial Officer Effort, loyalty, commitment and responsibility are the key ingredients to a great team. Wrap it up with a big smile and you’ll have an A+ team      
Ferran Biayna Data Marketing It is essential to be dedicated to a project in ways that it reflects our true potential, our intrinsic human values and helps us be better than our own self, every day.   
Laia Pozo Data Marketing Learn something new every day, do my best and take every opportunity to enjoy the road and grow professionally.
Laura Sáez Associate There is huge conviction, strength and security in knowing that every member of our team, spiritedly turns around each challenge and achieves every goal that come our way. We have a contagious enthusiasm that we like to transmit vigorously and that makes us believe that EVERYTHING IS POSSIBLE   
Maria Font Human Resources Working with passion and conviction helps me maximize my potential and brings me closer to my true self.
Miquel Colomer CTO Chief Technology Officer To work and simultaneously enjoy your passion, doesn’t have a price      
Pablo Vila SEO Specialist Happiness endorses our daily tasks      
Xavier Carreras CEO Asking yourself the whys of things is crucial in order to go one step further and give value to our efforts.      
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