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Here you can read real opinions from some of our clients. They have managed to increase their sales and reach more potential customers with our lead capturing strategies and the sale or rental of databases. In addition, you can read several articles about our work, values and team.

Our clients talk about us

Atrapalo.comThe commitment that CoRegistros has shown us has been key to generate a climate of mutual trust and one of the main reasons why we keep relying on their services in the long term. Thanks to daily follow ups and the optimization of our campaigns, we were able to obtain high confirmation rates.
Inés Ures
CRM Manager at Atrápalo

UvinumI’ve been working with CoRegistros for over 2 years. They have created several of our campaigns for direct sales and database caption. Their CEO Xavier Carreras is very well known in the industry, and is very flexible when it comes to forms of collaboration and adapting to the ROI of their clients.” 
Nico Bour

CEO & cofounder Uvinum

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The press is talking about us


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